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We only use today’s most advanced synthetic grass products. Our artificial grass has an unmistakable look and feel of real grass without the constant need of maintenance and watering.


Our products look so real your yard will be the talk of neighborhood. While the rest of your neighbors’ yards are going into dormant season you will still be enjoying the perfect lawn… green and beautifully manicured with little to no effort. Each of our artificial grass products have been tested and pass all EPA regulations that govern artificial grass products. Every style in our product line is lead-free and completely safe for the whole family, including your pets!

Artificial grass is great for front yards, back yards, pool borders, decks, large areas and small areas.

Whether you have a stand alone building or an entire business park, apartment complex or sports event field, you too can benefit form a artificial grass installation. Artificial grass will enhance your landscape and cut maintenance costs down to a minimum. Our turf carries a high ROI for your bottom line with results that you will feel immediately. Lower utility bills and lower maintenance bills along with state and county tax rebates just for installing our products. Then the added benefit of rebates on lower water consumption.

In only the past couple of years we have seen an impressive move forward in artificial putting green products. The look is beautiful, and the range of play for each product is just plain impressive.

Our artificial putting greens have been tested for everything from quality and wear to bounce and roll. Combine our artificial putting green to a our artificial landscape grass for a great looking backyard you will love. Include all of your favorite aspects of putting and chipping; slopes, mogals, banks and even bunkers with real sand!

Duran Lawn Creations turf playgrounds are among the safest and most durable surfaces available. Our playground system features eco-friendly foam padding that has the highest GMax scores to protect children against impact injuries and falls. Our padding can cushion falls from over 10 feet high, and meets or exceeds all American Society for Testing and Materials standards.

Combine our protective padding, anti-microbial Durafill infill, and any of our beautiful synthetic turf products, and your playground will look brand new and maintain a fun and safe environment for children for years to come!

Say goodbye to dead grass, mud-spots, holes and hard-to-clean pet messes. Duran Lawn Creations carries a product specifically tailored for dogs. With our state-of-the-art artificial grass, made with soft polyethylene synthetic fiber, your pet will enjoy all the benefits that real grass has to offer while eliminating all the hard work required to maintain your lawn.

With our “pet friendly” turf, your yard will have beautiful, green, realistic looking and feeling grass all year. Duran Lawn Creations artificial pet grass will also provide a stain-free environment that is safe for your pets and the whole family. This grass is like no other. This product has blended a slit film/monofilament polyethylene with a thatch to create the most durable and beautiful pet grass in the world.

Unlike many other companies, we bring together all the elements to provide the perfect living area for your pet. Our system consists of two products that will ensure a long-lasting and safe environment for your pets.

Duran Lawn Creations will have your sports field looking and playing great! We can have your synthetic turf custom manufactured to meet the specifications of your particular sport. If you are a multi sport field we can recommend specs that will fit into the sports that your field would need. Our field turf products have been installed and used on fields from everything from professional soccer fields to school playgrounds. Depending on your application and it’s needs we are able to provide you with a field that even the most competitive sports player will love. We can also have lines and logos manufactured into the turf!


We have been doing artificial grass and putting green installation for 10 years now. All of the installation technicians here at Duran Lawn Creations are highly experienced, courteous and professional. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality installation in the industry.

Unlike most of our competitors, artificial grass is our business and it shows in every installation we perform. Our goal is to provide you with the landscape sanctuary you can enjoy for years to come.


Every step of the installation is as important as the next. Duran Lawn Creations will come in with a crew of 3 to 10 artificial grass and landscape professionals who already have a clear vision of your landscape and scope of project.

The crew will start by excavating the current landscaping of grass, dirt, gravel, stone, concrete or whatever is in the way of our installation. Throughout the excavation process you will be pleased with our level of cleanliness. We strive for excellence at every corner of our systematic installation.

Once the excavation is complete we are ready to start building the sub-base which provides the stable and natural look of your artificial grass installation. The sub-base is comprised of a number elements including but limited to a blend of crushed rock and dirt that will be heavily packed and leveled or pitched. We will go through this process a number of times watering throughout the process and building the perfect foundation that will last and handle even the most heavy of natural elements. During the sub-base process we will also be dealing with in ground drainage if it applies to the scope of the project.

After we accomplished a supportive sub-base for your artificial grass it’s time to start rolling out weed suppressor, drain core if applicable and of course your new artificial grass.

Once we have laid your artificial grass throughout the installation area will the seaming process. This is where quality matters and experience is necessary! We have extensively trained employees who do our seaming. Each of our employees must pass a seaming class and test through Duran Lawn Creations before they can take part in the seaming process.

After seaming is completed we move into the stretching, tacking and edge work. Equally important to seaming is edging the artificial grass area. This really separates the seasoned installation companies like Duran Lawn Creations form those who are new. Our secret edging process not only makes your artificial grass installation look beautiful but also extends the life of your installation by years!

Now it’s time to bring your artificial turf to life! We do this by using industrial motorized brushes to stand up the yarns and start infilling the grass. Meanwhile we already have two employees cleaning up all excess artificial grass and scrapes as well as doing a detailed clean up of the area.






DURAFILL is the latest technology in infill product for artificial grass. Some of the many benefits of Durafill are: Animal Urine and other elements are not absorbed which eliminates building bacterial spores within the infill. Durafill does not degrade over time and only needs a single application. Durafill does not become overly hot in the heat like rubber does, which causes less heat to transfer to the artificial grass. Durafill is environmentally safe and does not contain silica dust, zinc or heavy metals.


What is Face Weight?

The face weight is how much the yarn weighs per square yard not including the backing or the infill (yarn only). This measurement tells you how much product you are getting for your money and how dense the finished product will look. Every ounce makes quite a difference especially when comparing between similar blade types such as slit film or monofilament.

What About Quality?

It is very important to install a quality product. Be sure to compare and ask about face weights, blade types, backings and warranties. Warranties are specifically important because properties in the yarns dictate the length of the warranty.

What is the Appropriate Style?

Many Synthetic Turf applications are installed with generic styles of turf due to an assumption that all turf is the same or a limited variety is offered. Very low activity areas need to address quality, density and aesthetics where as areas with a mid-level activity or more should have a thatch product with a high density installed. A high density thatch based product significantly recovers better during activity and grooming.

What About Installation?

Not all installations are the same! Installation quality is very important for aesthetics and longevity. How the sub-surface is sculpted, the edges are addressed, how the product is secured. These are some of the issues. If you are unsure take time and look at installs.

What is the Difference Between Companies Turfs?

Ask and compare face weights, stitch rates, warranties and backings. There are less expensive backings now with many claims and do not qualify to be used on football fields. Comparing the aforementioned will reveal the quality of the products and what you are getting for your money.

Is Turf Good for Pets?

Yes! And it is becoming extremely popular for animal hospitals, kennels and home owners with pets. Animal urine does not damage or fade the turf. What is most attractive is even with pets a green lawn can be sustained.

Is There Any Maintenance Involved?

Yes there is. Turf should be rinsed and groomed periodically. The frequency should be determined by the activity level. For example, a dog are should be rinsed more often, and the higher the traffic the more often the turf should be groomed. Rinse to clean and use a stiff bristled broom or a rake to groom up fibers, which will help prevent matting. If the turf is not groomed regularly or neglected and does matt substantially, having it professionally groomed mechanically can restore it’s appearance. It is also a good idea to have stepping stones or some form of path for a repeated, heavy traveled pattern through the turf.

How Do I Clean Turf?

Simply rinse with water as needed. With pets, pick up solid waste and any residue can be spray cleaned. Rinse as frequently as needed to avoid odors which are a build up of bacterial spores. Durafill does not absorb external elements, which limits bacteria and odor as well as many other benefits. For a thorough cleaning which should be rarely needed-flush with a mixture of 50% white distilled vinegar and 50% water. Afterwards flush with water. This will neutralize all bacterial spores.

Is it True Turf Can Get Hot?

The turf can get hot in temperatures usually above 85-90 degrees in direct sunlight. Blade temperature can be decreased with Durafill. Durafill does not heat like rubber, therefore not transferring that intense heat into the blades of grass.

What is the Difference Between Infill & Non-Infill Products?

Non-Infill products are convenient when directly to the public or simply to make an install easier and less expensive. There are crucial, functional reasons for infill. The primary reasons are the following: the infill gives a barrier and protects the tufts during activity. The infill is used for ballast-on typical install there will be thousands of pounds of infill to weigh down the product. The infill offers G-MAX, which is the softness under your feet, it’s safer too. Infill also offers a base for increased blade recovery.

Does Turf Drain?

The backing is perforated and will drain as natural grass typically would. If drains would be needed with natural grass, synthetic grass should be treated the same.

Does the Sheen Go Away?

The sheen will progressively diminish and go away. Some products in the market place are shinier than others for various reasons i.e. wider blades refract more light. The length of time depends on the product and the chemical make up of your yarn.


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