Synthetic Turf’s Ultra-Efficient Drainage

Synthetic turf has grown exponentially since it first gained popularity in the late 20th century. Extensive research and technological advancements in recent years have resulted in artificial grass products that are not only virtually indistinguishable in appearance from real grass but that are far superior in functionality and practicality. One benefit of installing artificial grass in your Azusa home is the inclusion of a highly efficient drainage system. Synthetic turf’s advanced drainage capabilities provide unparalleled efficiency in draining water or pet waste from your outdoor space, making it the ideal landscaping solution for areas with kids, pets, or abundant outdoor activities. If you’re considering synthetic grass installation for your home, speak to an expert here at Duran Lawn Creations for more information about product drain rates and which artificial grass option is right for you.

How Does Synthetic Grass Drainage Work?

Every artificial grass installation includes the installation of a drainage grid. This advanced geocell drainage grid creates a one-inch air void underneath your artificial lawn. It elevates the synthetic grass in order to allow air to circulate and water to drain through rapidly and efficiently. Our drainage grids are made from 10 percent recycled copolymer, which guarantees that it will withstand extreme temperatures without sacrificing performance. By creating a pocket of empty space between the turf product and the underlying concrete, the drainage system is able to flush away pet waste and other bacteria with unparalleled efficiency. This keeps your lawn clean and as sanitary as possible for you and your family to enjoy worry-free.

Drainage is Perfect for Pet Turf

If you have a kennel, dog park, vet clinic, or just a home with pets, artificial turf’s 100 percent vertical drainage is the perfect landscaping solution. Liquid and solid pet waste can be washed away immediately thanks to the 92 percent air void underneath the turf, so you can keep the area clean and odor-free. A flushing system can also be installed for increased drainage capabilities in areas heavily populated by dogs. This system is low cost and easy to install since it utilizes any available water source and inexpensive PVC piping. With artificial turf’s remarkable drainage capabilities, you can keep any animal common areas clean and odor-free for humans and dogs alike to enjoy.

Synthetic Grass Drainage for Playgrounds & Fields

Artificial grass is the ultimate drainage solution for play areas and athletic fields. It’s used by commercial athletic facilities and professional sports teams due to its uniform shock absorbency and 100% vertical drainage. Its impressive drainage rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square yard helps any field stay completely dry, minimizing water and mud-related injuries. Avoid flooded fields or muddy playtime with synthetic grass drainage courtesy of Duran Lawn Creations. 

No matter the size of your artificial grass installation, you deserve the best products and services on the market. Here at Duran Lawn Creations, we include highly efficient drainage systems with every Azusa installation in order to ensure that your turf is as functional and practical as possible. To find out more about what synthetic grass products would best suit your next project, give us a call at (888) 862-8470. We’d be happy to discuss our process and provide a free installation estimate at your convenience.