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Custom Putting Greens: The Perfect Addition to Any Backyard

Duran Lawn Creations is proud to provide Azusa residents with state-of-the-art synthetic grass putting solutions for homes and businesses. With a custom putting green in your own backyard, you can practice your golf game at your own convenience or enjoy hours of family fun. Our putting greens require little to no maintenance and have the […]

Synthetic Turf’s Ultra-Efficient Drainage

Synthetic turf has grown exponentially since it first gained popularity in the late 20th century. Extensive research and technological advancements in recent years have resulted in artificial grass products that are not only virtually indistinguishable in appearance from real grass but that are far superior in functionality and practicality. One benefit of installing artificial grass […]

4 Things to Look for in an Artificial Grass Installer

Although there are many home improvement projects that are fun and easy to DIY, there are other renovations that are best left to the professionals. Artificial grass installation is one such example. There are many individuals and even landscape businesses that promise you artificial grass installation services, but it takes a trained and experienced professional […]

The Best Time of Year to Install Artificial Grass

As the summer starts to come to an end and the rush of outdoor activities has slowed, San Dimas residents begin to consider how artificial grass could improve their outdoor fun next summer. Synthetic grass landscaping offers you the ultimate in convenience, with an evergreen appearance that requires virtually no maintenance. But when is the […]

The Benefits of TigerCool for Summer

Now that we’re in the throes of summer, Azusa residents are experiencing the unbearable heat that Southern California is known for. With hot temperatures comes hot ground to walk on, whether it’s grass or asphalt. When your backyard heats up, you want it to provide an oasis where you can cool off and make the […]

Why Artificial Grass is Perfect Year-Round

If you live in the Azusa area, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy grass lawn with California’s heat waves and water shortage. Regardless of whether it’s summer or winter, green grass lawns are few and far between in Los Angeles. If you do manage to maintain a green yard, it’s […]

Summer Backyard Activities with Artificial Grass

No time of year allows you utilize your backyard space to its fullest more than summer. When the weather starts to heat up, residents throughout Azusa start spending more and more time enjoying the outdoors, from playing sports to lounging around and indulging in summer barbecues. With artificial grass, you can make the most of […]

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Schools

Schools in the Azusa area all have the health, safety, and happiness of their students at heart. They aim to create an environment where children can enjoy their time and build meaningful relationships in classrooms and on the playground. With artificial grass, students can run, jump, and play to their heart’s content without the need […]

Why Artificial Grass is Great for the Family

If your household is filled with kids and pets that are itching to get outside and play, artificial grass is a perfect solution for your San Dimas home. With synthetic turf, you can allow your family to get out and play without worrying about the appearance of your lawn. Keep your yard pet and kid […]

Synthetic Turf Care & Maintenance Tips

One significant advantage of artificial grass over natural grass is that there’s no required lawn maintenance. Artificial grass will stay even in height and keep its color without the need for mowing, weeding, fertilizing, daily watering, and all of the other chores associated with real grass. Because of this, San Dimas residents have been installing […]