Why Artificial Grass is Great for the Family

If your household is filled with kids and pets that are itching to get outside and play, artificial grass is a perfect solution for your San Dimas home. With synthetic turf, you can allow your family to get out and play without worrying about the appearance of your lawn. Keep your yard pet and kid friendly while taking advantage of synthetic turf’s minimal maintenance requirements by installing turf in your home today.

Synthetic Turf is Safe (and Fun) for the Kids

If you have young children, consider installing a play area system in your backyard. It provides hours of fun for your children and peace of mind for you. Our play area synthetic turf is padded to absorb shock and has been proven to prevent injury from falls. Its non-abrasive surface protects from scrapes and scratches, and the synthetic polyethylene material means that there’ll be no mud or grass stains awaiting you when your kids finally come inside. Our play area artificial grass is highly durable and built to withstand high amounts of foot traffic, including kids’ roughhousing, so it won’t break or mat like natural grass would. It will also never turn brown, no matter how many hours your little ones spend running across it. Let them tire themselves out all summer long without stress by installing an artificial grass play area system in your San Dimas home.

Artificial Grass is Perfect for Pets

If your family includes furry, four-legged members, artificial grass is the perfect solution for them as well. Synthetic turf installation doesn’t involve dirt and can’t be dug up like natural grass, so no more muddy paws or holes in the yard. It is also extremely easy to clean when your pet relieves themselves in the yard. All of our synthetic turf options include a highly efficient drainage system that makes it easy to hose down and rinse away all pet waste. There are also anti-microbial infill and odor eliminator products available to sanitize your home’s artificial grass further. Keep your lawn beautiful, your pets happy, and your life stress-free with pet turf for your home.

The Ideal Poolside Paradise

If your family loves to take advantage of the pool in the summer, artificial grass pool decking is a practical and aesthetically pleasing option that will lower your yard maintenance all year long. Its efficient drainage means that it can get wet without having water pool on the surface of the grass. This will not only keep your lawn dry and safer to walk on, but it will also prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Synthetic turf never needs to be mowed, edged, or fertilized to maintain its appearance, so you can eliminate the landscaping required with natural grass. This means that you won’t have grass blades, gasoline-powered tools, or toxic fertilizer chemicals in and around your pool, which keeps the pool water safer and cleaner for your family.

Artificial grass is an excellent solution for San Dimas families looking for a way to maximize fun while minimizing lawn damage and landscaping work. It’s a practical solution for families with kids and pets that want to protect their little ones while simultaneously protecting the beauty of their home’s exterior. If you’d like to find out more about how artificial grass would work for your home and your family, call Duran Lawn Creations. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team members would be happy to provide you with more information or a free estimate for your next project. Give us a call today at (888) 862-8470.