Benefits of Artificial Grass for Schools

Schools in the Azusa area all have the health, safety, and happiness of their students at heart. They aim to create an environment where children can enjoy their time and build meaningful relationships in classrooms and on the playground. With artificial grass, students can run, jump, and play to their heart’s content without the need to worry about mud, bugs, scrapes, or splinters. Synthetic turf is ideal for playground systems, landscaping, and athletic fields thanks to its durability and safety standards. School districts can save time and money on grass maintenance while keeping their kids safe and protected by switching to artificial grass from Duran Lawn Creations.

Synthetic Grass Play Systems

Duran Lawn can install synthetic turf play systems that are specially engineered to be durable and kid-friendly. Our synthetic grass products are IPEMA-certified and have the highest GMax scores, so you can ensure that your students are as safe as possible on the playground. The eco-friendly foam padding installed under every artificial grass play area can protect children against impact injuries and falls from over 10 feet high. It meets or exceeds all American Society for Testing and Materials standards, and it’s proven to be one of the safest and most durable landscaping surfaces on the market for children. Our play area installations can be complemented with anti-microbial Envirofill infill, which prevents bacteria growth to keep your kids healthy and safe. Durafill is completely non-toxic and non-absorbent, and it’s more sanitary than silica. Choosing Durafill for your school’s artificial grass install will help keep germs at bay – a crucial necessity on school playgrounds.

Athletic Artificial Turf Fields

Duran Lawn’s artificial grass products are also ideal for athletic fields due to their high durability and low maintenance. Whether you’re a small elementary school or a Division 1 high school, we will tailor our installation to perfectly meet your institution’s needs. We can have your artificial grass custom manufactured to meet the specifications of any particular sport, and we offer several varieties of artificial turf that will suit a multi-sport field. Never worry about daily watering, weekly mowing, and regular re-sodding again. With artificial grass sports fields, you can let your students trample the field for hours every day without concern for its appearance. During the driest summers, your field will remain healthy and evergreen. During the wettest winters, muddy fields will never be a hazard. Have a sports field that’s ready for play all year long with artificial grass installation from Duran Lawn Creations. 

With ever-shrinking school budgets in California, it’s crucial to cut costs wherever you can. One easy way to save is with artificial grass for your Azusa school. With no need to water, mow, fertilize, or otherwise maintain your fields and playgrounds, schools can save thousands of dollars every year by switching to synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is non-toxic, lead-free, safe, and durable, making it the perfect solution for schools and their students. To explore your options and receive a free synthetic grass installation estimate, call Duran Lawn Creations at (888) 862-8470. We’re always happy to assist you in any way we can.