The Best Time of Year to Install Artificial Grass

As the summer starts to come to an end and the rush of outdoor activities has slowed, San Dimas residents begin to consider how artificial grass could improve their outdoor fun next summer. Synthetic grass landscaping offers you the ultimate in convenience, with an evergreen appearance that requires virtually no maintenance. But when is the most convenient time to install it? Here are some factors you should take into account when considering the best time of year to install your artificial grass lawn. 

Prepare for Summer…Before Summer

When people imagine enjoying their beautiful new artificial grass lawn or custom putting green, they’re most often imagining that it’s summertime. The warmer months are by far the most popular time for enjoying the outdoors, so it’s often when homeowners consider synthetic turf. However, it’s ideal to schedule your artificial grass installation before the summertime. For one thing, spring and summer are by far the busiest months for installers because of that exact reason. Scheduling your installation for fall or winter will guarantee a wider availability and help you secure your first pick for an artificial grass installer. It also ensures that your yard will be fully installed and ready for use in time for summer, so you can spend the full season enjoying your turf rather than watching it being installed. 

Beat the Wet Weather

Fall and winter are great times for installations, but you should still try to avoid the rainy season. Luckily, the rainy season isn’t long in San Dimas. Although artificial grass can be installed during the colder months with no issue, heavy rain can interfere with getting the dirt out of the installation site, thereby putting the project on hold. If you want to ensure an efficient and fully productive installation, try to schedule your appointment for a drier time of year such as early fall.

Whenever’s Most Convenient for You

Ultimately, you should schedule your artificial grass installation for whatever time is most convenient for you. Think about holidays, graduations, birthdays, summer activities, and any other times of year that will call for more use of your yard space than usual. Choose a time of year that is generally clear of holidays and birthdays for you, that way you don’t have to worry about renovation projects while you’re in the middle of enjoying summer fun or planning family parties. Whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or fall, schedule your installation for whichever season suits you best. 

Artificial grass is the perfect landscaping solution for any time of year. If you’re ready to transform your San Dimas home with synthetic turf, give Duran Lawn Creations a call today. Our design and installation experts will help you create the backyard paradise of your dreams and make it a reality with no hassle. To find out more about our availability and schedule a free estimate, contact us at (888) 862-8470 today!